Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Art Journal-"Cherish" them

Late last winter I decided that I would embark down the "Art Journal" path. I tried to be SIMPLE and start with an old fashioned composition book from the stash in my office. Well, 30 days later I only had the basic ready for art pages set to go. Each page was covered with old phone book pages ( attached via mod podge).
Then 2 coats of Gesso were applied. (front and back) This took forever to dry. Thank goodness the Olympics were on-the two went together quite well.
Anyway I stripped the outside off some standard corrugated  cardboard and attached it to the covers. Dry brushed white and blue acrylic paint on and I was ready to assemble. Wanted to make it super flexible so I could add as many pages as wanted so went with large holes punched, grommets inserted and 3" binder rings.
I did the cover first attaching my ribbon to keep it firmly tied together-again I had a super hard time finding pink and green plaid ribbon. Luckily we took a trip to San Francisco and Napa about this time and I found too many choices at Britex in downtown San Francisco. 7 floors of luscious fabric, notions and anything textural seamstress heart would desire.
Cover was completed pretty quickly with painting and wiring picket fence. Alice is a stamp colored with my favorite thin line markers. Bird is from a basic grey fabric and I think that about does it except...
What to put in it?  A bit of everything but with always a loving pupper watching over us.

More to come on contents thus far!


  1. Hi,
    Just read about your blog at Tarnished & Tattered. I love your work! I am a quilter turned collager so am having fun. I'm becoming a follower!
    xo, Karen

  2. Hi,
    I also, just read about your blog from Tarnished & Tattered. Love your work. I just started doing fabric collages. They are so fun.
    Congratulations on your blog.